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Leg day complete! Perfect shirt for the day and go right ahead and notice the booty progress, I don’t mind one bit! 👍💪😁

Warmup - 10 min row

4 sets of 15 (each side)
Step up/kickback with dumbbells
Cable core twist

4 sets of 15 (each side)
Reverse straight leg extensions with cable
Stationary lunges with dumbbells

4 set of 20
Deadlifts with barbell
Kettlebell swing squats
Calf raises w/ kettlebell

2 min (and 4 seconds) wall sit with 25 lb weight

5 sets of 12
Inner hip abductor
Outer hip abductor

4 sets of 12
Leg press (heavy weight)

1 set of 25
Leg press (light weight/fast)

10 min run

In the steam sauna:
100 high knees
100 body-weight squats

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Fitblr Diary 7/28/13: Drunk off Dinner.

So, last night I came to a strange realization.

I went to dinner with some friends, no liquor, just food, at this point. As we were driving to the next place after we ate, my mood was seriously uplifted to the point where I almost sounded like I had too much wine or something. I hadn’t eaten anything but my protein shake after the gym because I knew that I would be having dinner soon. I was pretty hungry especially because I hit the gym pretty hard.

After I ate, it was almost as if I was drunk off of food. Like my body was given fuel and suddenly I was running at optimum speed.

This has been happening a lot lately. My friend pointed out that she’s noticed this the last few times we’ve hung out, especially because she’s seeing that I eat a lot more than I used to, and the fact that I’m actually hungry because I never really ate a lot before.

I realized that my relationship with food is really changing, like I actually have one now.

I know that’s good for me, because I should eat; it’s just different. Very, very different.

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